We make a hole in the ice. How to
An activity like fishing by different people is perceived differently. For some, this is entertainment, sports or a way to relax. But as a rule, this is a wonderful antidepressant.…

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Striped hunting: large perch prefers large spinner
It is difficult for me to agree with some of the points made by the authors of these materials. Immediately make a reservation, my observations, based on personal fishing experience,…

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So, there is a bream in the pond. but where to start?
A bream is a fish that loves sections of water bodies with a moderate course or without it at all. The bream habitats in winter are deep plateaus (irrigation), wide…

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the higher the temperature

Sudak – perch family

Sudak is the largest representative of the Perch family. It has an elongated squamous body, fanged mouth with small teeth. Its back is greenish-gray, on it there are sharp spikes and two large wide fins, one of which has dark spots, dark vertical stripes on its sides, and ventral and anal fins are light yellow. Gill covers without or partially covered with scales. Zander lives in many rivers and lakes, reservoirs, and even in some clean sandy deep quarries of the basins of the Baltic, Black, Azov and Caspian seas. It is also universe in the waters of the Moscow region.

This fish prefers running clean water, rich in oxygen, keeps in places free of vegetation, most often near the bottom, in pits with flooded trees or snag, stones or boulders, on steep banks, near destroyed river structures. Spawns in May – early June. Continue reading

We make a hole in the ice. How to

An activity like fishing by different people is perceived differently. For some, this is entertainment, sports or a way to relax. But as a rule, this is a wonderful antidepressant. Fishing successfully brings together lovers of this type of leisure, is able to bring positive emotions to the ordinary way of life.

The winter type of fishing can be divided into several subspecies, focusing on the periods of winter:

– fishing on the first ice;
– fishing in the wilderness;
– fishing on the last ice.
Selection of tools for creating wells
Fishing in the winter is no less attractive than in the summer. To achieve a big catch and get a lot of impressions, you need to have certain skills. The most important thing is a safe stay on ice, which you should never forget. Continue reading

Atmospheric pressure and fish behavior

In recent decades, many authors of articles on fishing have tried to analyze how the state of the air, in particular fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, affects the life of aquatic organisms, including fish.
The main conclusion reached by almost everyone who wants to understand this issue is as follows: any change in atmospheric pressure immediately affects the physiological state of the fish, reducing its activity, or, conversely, forcing it to move more intensively in search of food (in fairness it should be noted that these phenomena are often confirmed by the practice of fishing).
Also, all authors of publications, as one, found the organ “responsible” for such a reaction in the fish – it is its swimming bladder, which, supposedly shrinking or bloating, responds to changes in external atmospheric pressure, introducing a certain discomfort into the life of the fish. Continue reading

July fishing
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Reflections on the behavior of the perch
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