Fishing specimens

Trout fishing
Trout belongs to the salmon family, but does not constitute a special species among them. It is a variety of trout and its subspecies: Black Sea, Caspian and Aral salmon.…

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Catching fish in the sea for tying
The number of fishing enthusiasts in the Black Sea is increasing every year, and this is not surprising. Fishing at sea is an interesting, fascinating vacation, which is a great…

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Burbot fishing
Burbot is the only representative of the cod family living in fresh waters. This is a cold-loving fish, showing activity at a water temperature of no higher than + 10…

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How to catch crucian in winter on a shallow career

How to catch winter crucian on a shallow career
Catching crucian carp in winter is very entertaining, but requires great patience.

Fishing is all the more interesting because there are a lot of quarries around modern cities. For example, peat shallow careers. These bodies of water usually have a flat bottom, covered with a layer of bottom sludge. There crucian wintering, burying themselves in soft soil.

There is enough food in such a quarry for crucian carp, but in cold water, if there is deep silt at the bottom, the fish completely loses activity. Any need for food for crucian carp in a peat quarry disappears in the fall. Continue reading

Striped hunting: large perch prefers large spinner

It is difficult for me to agree with some of the points made by the authors of these materials. Immediately make a reservation, my observations, based on personal fishing experience, relate to fishing perch in the Kaliningrad region. It is possible that the finicky humpbacks near Moscow require a more delicate approach.

Let’s start with the snap. What the authors suggest is considered universal, that is, it is not designed for a specific object of lure. Is this good or bad? What would seem to be bad if skillfully equipped fishing rods can catch both small and large fish? Continue reading

July fishing

July is, perhaps, the same month of the summer season, when the sun is baking in all its might. For the fisherman this month can be described as not the best when you can count on a rich catch. Everything is explained quite simply. The upper layers of the water surface warm up to a temperature that is not comfortable for the fish, all the more so in the places of shallow water. As a result, almost all fish goes to a depth, or lives in places where there are a large number of bottom springs. In the afternoon, when the weather is calm and hot, you can’t count on a good catch in most cases. Therefore, fishing in the July days will be more practical if the day is rainy and cloudy. Also, the best time for fishing in July will be the morning hours, when dawn just rises. At this time, the water is still not so much warmed up as during the day and the fish rises from depth to surface. In some cases, fishing can take place at night. At such times bream, zander, chub, pike, perch are well caught. Continue reading

Fishing for bream with side fishing rods.

Fishing the bream with onboard fishing rods from a boat is attractive primarily because bites, even the most cautious, can be observed in the immediate vicinity. In addition, it is not necessary to wield long fishing rods, which is especially difficult in the wind. Anyway, this kind of fishing is somewhat reminiscent of winter fishing, especially on a hot summer day, when nostalgia for winter fishing comes.

It is easy to make gear for onboard fishing yourself, they are very compact and easily fit in a backpack. With them, it is easy to get to any reservoir by public transport, where you can rent a boat at the fishing base. On the road, there is no need to fear for the safety of gear – they will not hinder anyone because of their small size. The method that I want to talk about is used when fishing in reservoirs and reservoirs, where the current is small or absent. The depth in the selected place should be at least 4 meters – in a shallow cautious fish, it is afraid to come close to the boat. The boat should be light on the move, maneuverable, have low sides and therefore not too sail in the wind. Continue reading

Trout fishing

Trout belongs to the salmon family, but does not constitute a special species among them. It is a variety of trout and its subspecies: Black Sea, Caspian and Aral salmon. Only the Gogchinsky lake trout – Ishkhan – stands out as an independent species of salmon and occupies a special position.
Trout is mainly freshwater fish: mountain rivers and streams, large and small lakes with cold or spring water. In its size, color and lifestyle, the trout serves as an example of adaptability to various conditions. In large and forage reservoirs, it reaches a weight of 8-10 kilograms; in streams, it rarely exceeds 600 grams. In reservoirs, the bottom of which is covered with calcareous limestone or light pebbles, trout has a light gray color; in water bodies with large organic deposits, trout has a dark color. Small trout is brightly decorated, because it lives in small streams, the bottom of which is dotted with colorful pebbles. The variegated coloring of the body of pied trout helps her hide from her pursuers. Continue reading

Long casting tackle
Initially, the only reliable way to perform long-range casting when fishing on a fishing rod was such that the equipment was gradually carried away by the flow to the desired…


Behind the Predator
Winter is a time of grace for catching pike, perch, perch and burbot by zherilniki. You can hunt them immediately after the formation of ice, throughout the winter and spring.…


Summer bream fishing in still water
Fishing for bream in quarries, reservoirs and lakes is different from fishing on the river. The first and main feature is that if the bream in the rivers during the…


English fishing rod
The fishing rod, which will be discussed today, comes from England, and its main element is a plug rod with rings, designed for fishing with a reel, thin fishing line…