English fishing rod
The fishing rod, which will be discussed today, comes from England, and its main element is a plug rod with rings, designed for fishing with a reel, thin fishing line…

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Effective pike vibrations
Among the many metal spinners there are narrowly targeted models, the specialization of which is determined by the specific fishing conditions. Thus, light oscillators made from thin metal are used…

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Winter fishing of a bream without a nozzle
The bream is an enviable and desirable trophy at any time of the year for most anglers in central Russia. Muscovites follow him to the Istra, Ruzskoye, Ozerninskoye, Vazuzsko-Yauzskoye reservoirs,…

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Winter roach and perch fishing

Everything about winter fishing of roach and perch, it would seem, is said. But any information changes over time, updates, becomes more saturated. Nevertheless, it is necessary to emphasize some points of their fishing in the winter on rivers and lakes, which justify themselves at different times of the day and in different weathers.

Especially observant anglers note some regularity in the behavior of roach. So, in winter, roach most often prefers areas with a flat bottom at depths of 2-4 meters. In reservoirs, such places are often located between the old channel and coastal shallow waters. In their opinion, roaches are most abundant in winter where algae raged in the summer. Apparently, among their remains, the fish finds a lot of food.

The tactics for finding roach in such anglers is as follows. On a promising submarine plateau, many holes are drilled in a checkerboard pattern. Thus the whole square is “covered”. A pinch of feed is thrown into each well, then quickly caught. Places where roaches are caught are fed properly. On these holes I continue to catch.

Roach is usually not afraid of noise when drilling ice, nor additional feeding, nor the light brought under the ice. Sometimes a fish starts to peck when the depth is still set on the gear. In order to outwit the roach, forcing it to swallow the nozzle normally, when the float floats smoothly, and does not tremble timidly in one place, it is necessary to experiment, select the optimal nozzle and its optimal size. Roach often forces you to change mormyshki, try different tricks of the game, but the result of the expended work will pay off, because when you fish this fish in earnest, you will be enchanted by such fishing that the rest of the fishing will fly by unnoticed, and the reward for the patience will be a good catch with a lot of impressions.

They notice that the peaks of the winter bite, even in different and far from each other bodies of water, are very similar. The perch begins to take as soon as the sun has already risen halfway over the horizon. This activity lasts up to 10 hours, then the bite fades and usually stops completely by noon. The second surge of activity occurs in the second half of the day, an hour and a half before the twilight thickens. Biting at this time is usually not as strong as in the morning hours, but its record instances can come across.

Contrary to the opinion of many anglers, some note a certain regularity of nibble on the thickness of the fishing line. The thinner the fishing line, the less suspiciously it reacts to the tackle. The same applies to mormyshka, perch is more located to miniature baits.

In sunny weather, the best mormyshki are dark green and black. In cloudy weather – lead, silver (mirror bait) and white. The shapes can be varied, but better are those with which you can achieve the maximum vibration frequency. For example, mormyshka – the “crescent” is less energetic than the “pellet”, “ant” or “carnation”.

The most common are bloodworms, larva of burdock moth and maggot. There are others, in many cases, more effective, but little used because of the difficulties of mining. First of all, it is “mormysh” (amphipod), waterworm, marsh “goat” (similar to the species of wood lice) and for the cattle – a small leech (red and brown). When it comes to direct fishing, combinations of cambric from the set are used. The colors used are red, white, black and yellow.

The game
The most “lazy” perch can be stirred up with the fastest (but not irregular!) Game and variety, often dramatically changing. The most common and successful game for perch is tapping the bottom of the mormyshka with a slight elevation of it above the ground.

Fishing spots
Based on the fact that many the entire body of water that is selected for fishing is never thoroughly known, it is better to look for perch in the coastal zone. At shallow depths, this fish is much easier to detect than at depth.

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