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Pike fishing
The structure of the pike is adapted for fast movements. Her body shape is Chondo-elongated (arrow-shaped) with far protruding flat jaws, well dissecting the water. Dorsal and pre-caudal fins moved…

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Winter spinning from the bottom

Let’s talk about spinners designed for fishing from the bottom. For some reason, all books describe the method of spinning exactly in the water column, i.e. when the spoon does not touch the bottom. Although everyone knows that one of the secrets of jig fishing is that the bait, after each cycle of the game, falls to the bottom and raises a cloud of turbidity. Very often, zander, perch attack the spinner or jig bait directly at the bottom.

Spinner for fishing from the bottom

On the basis of this, the method of bottom flashing was substantiated and developed. I have a whole set of baits designed to catch from the bottom. There are a lot of them, they are all made independently, there are no such spinners on sale.

What is the peculiarity of such a spinner?
Spinner for winter fishing from the bottom Now I will get a normal, used spinner for fishing from the bottom. It is clearly seen that the spinner has a fixed hook below. At first glance, this is an ordinary spinner for fishing in the water column, but it has a loop and in the upper part there is a movable triple, double or single hook.

Such a spinner was originally created in order to play at the moment when it is located at the bottom. If we want to take any spinner for fishing in the water column and just hang a triple on top of the ringlet, this does not mean that it will be a good bottom spinner. A good bottom bait must fulfill the following requirements: it must play in a very specific way.

For example, the spinner fell to the bottom. It is known that the spinner will be effective if the spinner performs a cycle of repeated movements. That is, no matter what game the spinner has, it must constantly make the same movements. There is such a dependency: the more the spinner works at the bottom, the higher its catchability. Example: the baubles fell to the bottom, we begin to make a wave. How will any other spinner behave at this moment? In an unpredictable way – it can play as you like, the trajectory will be complex and unpredictable.

How does a well-tuned bottom bait play? We make a swing – it takes off to the side and returns to the same point. At this moment, a cloud of turbidity rises. Moreover, there are several game options and spinner settings for fishing from the bottom. It can take off from a fully lying position, from a position at an angle of about 45 ° and from a position where only the hook touches the bottom.

But the most important thing is that after each stroke, the spinner should definitely hit the same point. The narrower the circle into which the spinner falls after she played, the higher her subtlety. Ground bait should have a circle the size of a tea saucer. When flashing, when playing, she should not leave this circle. It can get a little bit to the side, the scatter will have a scatter, but the best bottom baubles play literally a centimeter to a centimeter. That is, after falling to the bottom and short strokes, she always returns to the same point.

If the spinner touches the bottom of the hook, it can play differently. It goes crochet down and returns, it can go one way, it can go different, but the landing point at the bottom should be the same.

In order for the spinner to play in this way, very specific features are needed. Firstly, the baubles themselves, bending forms. The bend of this spinner was not chosen by chance; it was originally calculated to play in this way. In order for the spinner to make repeated movements, the peculiarity of these spinners and the peculiarity of the fishing technique for these spinners is that the swing of the rod should be short. If we make a high swing with a fishing rod for bottom baubles, then the baubles are already starting to play in an unpredictable way and land at the bottom anywhere. This dramatically affects the effectiveness of fishing, so the swing should be short.

For this purpose, very specific fishing rods are needed. The bottom spinner should be long.

Why do I need a long fishing rod?

A long fishing rod is good because you can catch it both standing and sitting. Those. you sit on a drawer and shine with a short wave, the height of the wave should be 10-15 cm. For these purposes, it is desirable that the fishing rod be hard. If the fishing rod is soft, then the spinner will always be thrown, if you pull a little harder – it will fly higher and lower and will not play as it should. That is, we set the height (sitting, it is desirable to put your finger) and control, we make the same wave.


The fishing rod must have a nod. For example, a nod made from twisted fishing line. The fishing line is specially twisted, thermally processed and a very soft sensitive nod is obtained. This nod is not necessary in order to show a careful bite of a perch; on a good carbon-fiber hard fishing rod, the bite of even a small perch is very clearly visible. A nod is needed in order to fix the clear position of the baubles at the bottom. Those. by nodding we determine that the bauble has definitely fallen to the bottom, by bending the nodding we even determine in which position it lay on the bottom. Or lies flat on the bottom, or at an angle of 45 °, or touches only with a hook. For this we need a nod. The nod should be very sensitive, very soft and fast.

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