Winter bream fishing
Winter bream fishing is a whole encyclopedia in which special lures are intertwined with special additives in complementary foods and other numerous secrets. It is impossible to fully grasp the…

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Sakhalin Taimen
Sakhalin Oblast is rich in fish; taimen is also found here. His biology has been little studied. This predator leads a secretive lifestyle. It is found in almost all water…

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Rubella Carps
Pathogen According to the modern views of Russian researchers (Epstein, Peshkov and Goncharov), the causative agent of rubella is a filtering virus, the properties of which are still not well…

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Effective pike vibrations

Among the many metal spinners there are narrowly targeted models, the specialization of which is determined by the specific fishing conditions. Thus, light oscillators made from thin metal are used when narrowing in shallow water or in grass.

All products are classified into categories based on their characteristics. Oscillators differ in shape and size, weight and material, color. It is worth noting that it is necessary to choose a spinner looking back at the species composition of a particular reservoir. If the basis of the food base of the spotted beauty is bleak, roach or rudd, then narrow-body models are much more likely to bite. In water areas where crucian carp, bream and bream predominate – anglers use items with a wide body.

One of the most popular forms is considered to be a “spoon”. The bait got its name during the production of the first models, for which the cutlery served as a raw material. On the base of the spoon, they began to produce a spinner called the “Atom”, which quickly gained one of the leading positions when fishing for pike.

With the advent of cold weather the waters cease to bloom, and a suspension of water masses sank to the bottom. Increasing the transparency of water has a positive effect on nibble: the fish sees the bait from a farther distance. When fishing in troubled waters, many spinningists prefer bright and provocative tones of artificial baits. In the fall, priority falls on natural colors, as well as natural iron shades. Most often, on the other end of the cord are vibrations of gold, silver and copper color. The presence of an attack spot on the body of the spinner increases the percentage of bites sold. As a rule, it is placed closer to the tail, where the tee is located on the crown. The target is usually applied in red, although in the lines of many manufacturers there are spots of green, yellow and even white tones.

Parameters such as weight and size of the oscillator are no less important than the shape and color of the case. As a rule, the bait is selected based on the test form of the rod. For shallow water, the weight of the bait rarely exceeds 10 grams, while products up to 30 grams can be used at depths of 2 meters or more.

Several popular models for catching pike:

Spinnex Atom.
Blue Fox Esox.
Mepps Syclops.
Dam Effzekt Twin.
Kuusamo Rasanen.
Excellent competition for branded models are homemade products. If you choose between cheap henchmen and homemade products, then the choice is obvious. Manual work allows you to accurately display the edges of the body of the metal bait, cutting off the likelihood of marriage. However, finding a specialist who produces quality products is not easy.

The subtleties of choosing gear
Most often, on ponds you can meet spinning men traveling on foot along the shore. In autumn, many previously inaccessible sections of water bodies become open and the presence of a boat is fortunately not required. Tackle of medium power is suitable for coastal fishing, as the size of the pike living near the near edge rarely exceeds 3 kilograms.

Fishing rod
Spinning is the main component of balanced gear. It determines the weight, type and size of the bait used, and is also responsible for the quality of prey fishing. The characteristics by which it is necessary to select a form can be divided into several categories: test, length, order, type, material of the form and handle. Experienced spinningists also pay attention to the reel seat. The convenience and reliability of this device depends on fishing comfort, coil mounting and even the quality of the wiring.

There are several types of fishing rods:

In addition to the main categories, there are also models with an intermediate system, for example, medium-slow or medium-fast. They are well suited for catching a toothy beauty, because they have a bend point, which is closer to the handle. Soft “sticks” are used for fishing with silicone, and for luring with metal baubles it is better to choose a fishing rod with a rigid blank.

The game of vibration is projected onto the spinning whip, giving it a certain vibration. Fishing against the current strengthens this process, which should be considered when choosing the weight of the bait. The soft whip does not penetrate the hard mouth of the fish well, and is also too overloaded on the wiring.

In modern spinning, in 95% of cases, plug rods are used. The monolithic form holds the declared test load, has a higher sensitivity and viscosity. Telescopes for predator fishing are used only in one case: when fishing on long trips. Carrying a plug rod with you is sometimes problematic, which is why many lovers of spinning take convenient and compact telescopes.

For coastal fishing, a model with a length of 2.1 to 2.4 meters is suitable. From the boat it is more convenient to work with short products, the growth of which does not exceed 2 meters.

Reel and cord
Two other components that the spinning kit includes also play an important role. The coil performs the functions of casting and animating the bait, reeling and etching the cord. The main pair located under the spool of the device is responsible for the traction.

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