Trout fishing
Trout belongs to the salmon family, but does not constitute a special species among them. It is a variety of trout and its subspecies: Black Sea, Caspian and Aral salmon.…

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Burbot fishing
Burbot is the only representative of the cod family living in fresh waters. This is a cold-loving fish, showing activity at a water temperature of no higher than + 10…

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Long casting tackle
Initially, the only reliable way to perform long-range casting when fishing on a fishing rod was such that the equipment was gradually carried away by the flow to the desired…

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We make a hole in the ice. How to

An activity like fishing by different people is perceived differently. For some, this is entertainment, sports or a way to relax. But as a rule, this is a wonderful antidepressant. Fishing successfully brings together lovers of this type of leisure, is able to bring positive emotions to the ordinary way of life.

The winter type of fishing can be divided into several subspecies, focusing on the periods of winter:

– fishing on the first ice;
– fishing in the wilderness;
– fishing on the last ice.
Selection of tools for creating wells
Fishing in the winter is no less attractive than in the summer. To achieve a big catch and get a lot of impressions, you need to have certain skills. The most important thing is a safe stay on ice, which you should never forget.

First of all, the fisherman needs to dress warmly and have special fishing equipment, which is easily purchased at the fishing store. The fisherman must know which tool to drill the hole. As a rule, all fishing enthusiasts use a drill-ice ax for this. In shops there is an opportunity to see a variety of models of such tools.

When using a drill, you must follow simple rules. When the drill reaches the water, you should not pull it out too much, otherwise you can frighten off the fish and remain without a catch. Broken ice from the hole is removed by reverse rotation of the ice ax. Another method is used – this is the calculation of speed during drilling of the first hole. The following holes are drilled a few turns less than the first. Subsequent wells will not be drilled through. With this option, the crumb will be removed by the drill a few turns before the hole is drilled.

Well Creation Mechanism
Under difficult conditions, it is recommended to use heavy or light mechanization for drilling a hole. By installing a drill in a sufficiently powerful screwdriver or drill, this process can be greatly facilitated. With an ice thickness of forty centimeters, you can drill a dozen holes in a short time and this is a good result. If the pond is shallow, some caution should be observed, since it is possible to drive the ice drill into the bottom.

As a rule, all holes for fishing on ice are round holes. But here it is not without exception. For example, using an ice pick in a hole, they create a lateral deflection. This will make it easier for the fisherman to catch large fish. Such openings may be cylindrical or conical in shape.

Arriving at the place of fishing, it is necessary to drill several holes in ice. For this purpose, you need to prepare from ten to fifteen holes for holes at an even distance between them. If the prepared holes are sprinkled with snow, then they will freeze more slowly.

Fishing for perch differs from catching the rest of the fish in that the hole should be drilled at a distance from the coastline of no more than 5-6 meters. When drilling holes in such conditions, it is necessary to ensure that the ice drill does not fall into the bottom, otherwise this will lead to a blunting of the drill knives. Drilling a hole must be strictly perpendicular to the boundary of the shore. When fishing with the help of a bait-balancer, the distance between the holes should be at least ten meters, and when using spinners – no more than five meters. Fishing for marmyshka determines the distance between the holes of three meters. On the first ice perch, as a rule, it is better to be caught on the shallows, but large specimens live on the slopes of the dump. The fisherman should notice in which hole the nibble is better. Then you need to measure the depth. And to drill holes at the same depth and parallel to the border of the shore.

Drilling in places of old holes left over from previous hunters is not recommended to be drilled. The ice drill will periodically jam, and this is wasted time. After drilling the holes, you cannot leave the ice drill in the snow. This will necessarily be followed by icing of the knives of the drill, and this will lead to the fact that it will be necessary to clean and beat off the tool. The best option to avoid this is to carefully screw the ice ax into the ice. After wrapping it, you can simply leave it near you.

Recommended Tool Features
Choosing the right tool significantly affects the future catch of a fisherman. If the drill is heavy and with blunt knives, then fishing will turn into physically hard work. Currently, the best option for winter fishing is an auger ice ax. With its help, a fisherman can easily drill ice without applying significant physical effort. An equally important advantage of such a drill is that it independently pushes ice crumbs out of the hole and the fisherman will not catch it himself.

Recently, it has become quite common for fishermen to use the motto tool, which is fixed in a certain place and drills a hole. Engines on such drills are gasoline or electric. If the fisherman has stalled motorized ice drills, then he can easily drill a hole manually, after attaching a special handle.

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We make a hole in the ice. How to
An activity like fishing by different people is perceived differently. For some, this is entertainment, sports or a way to relax. But as a rule, this is a wonderful antidepressant.…